Bronco Connections Profile: Mandy Buderus

On Friday October 2 Hastings College alumni arrived back on campus and participated in Bronco Connections: A Network Opportunity with Alumni. This open forum, previously apart of ALS, was a chance for alumni to connect with current Hastings College students, pass along advice and provide insights in to the professional world.

Bronco Connections featured eleven different headline forums in conjunction with different departments on campus. The Hastings College History and Humanities department featured a segment called Humanities Live, which featured Stacie (Brown) Goding, Mandy (Howard) Buderus and Susan Franklin.

Bedurus graduated from Hastings College in 2003 with a B.A. in 7-12 Language Arts. Upon graduation, she accepted her first teaching position at Doniphan-Trumbull. Buderus is currently a Reading teacher and volleyball coach at Hastings Middle School, and is a speech coach for a community college.

Throughout her career, Bedurus has been a sponsor of high school student council, a volleyball and basketball coach.

She cited her involvement within the English department as a big part of her experience at Hastings College.

“I loved my English professors, so Antje Anderson and Constance Malloy were a big part of my time here at Hastings College,” she said. “It was nice to have a small English department to work well with and really get to know.”

Despite her college athletic career being cut short by injury, she encouraged student athletes to stick with the program and enjoy that side of college.

“I just sort of wish I would’ve stuck with it,” she said. “You could learn a lot, even if it’s in a coaching role.”

All in all, Buderus reiterated much of what the other speakers said, which was to really try and branch out while in college.

“I would just encourage students to meet people and not rule out any opportunities.”