Bronco Connections Profile: Susan Franklin

On Friday October 2 Hastings College alumni arrived back on campus and participated in Bronco Connections: A Network Opportunity with Alumni. This open forum, previously apart of ALS, was a chance for alumni to connect with current Hastings College students, pass along advice and provide insights in to the professional world.

Bronco Connections featured eleven different headline forums in conjunction with different departments on campus. The Hastings College History and Humanities department featured a segment called Humanities Live, which featured Stacie (Brown) Goding, Mandy (Howard) Buderus and Susan Franklin.

Franklin graduated from Hastings College in 1993 with a B.A. in English and Philosophy. She attended graduate school in College Station, TX, and graduated from Texas A&M University in 1995 with a M.A. in English. Franklin continued her educational endeavors years later, when she graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a M.A. in Library Science in 2004.

Franklin is currently the Associate Professor of Library Science and Public Services Librarian at the Hastings College Perkins Library. She is also an adjunct Instructor of English.

She encouraged students to focus on classes for their major, but to also take advantage of LAP classes while at Hastings.

“I encourage students to take advantage of LAP classes, because you might really enjoy them and couple that with any other discipline,” Franklin said.

“Networking is big and building relationships with professors is very important,” she said. “But it’s also important to build relationships with other students and branch out to learn more about students in different majors.”

But perhaps her most important advice involved lifelong learning, even while in college.

“I think it’s vital to keep an open mind and remember that learning is never wasted.”